Umi is a new augmented reality game where you take care of your own personal spirit animal and build a magical world from items that you discover when you go about your daily life. As you care for Umi the character gets stronger from your activity.

Together with your Umi you fight off an invasion by the Rifts, an evil force that destroyed Umi’s home world.


Umi’s world has been destroyed by a phenomenon known as the Rifts. Fortunately a few Umi have managed to escape through a wormhole and have landed on Earth. They develop a bond with with humans who remind them of their protectors called Emi.

Unfortunately, the Rifts have followed Umi to earth and are seeking to destroy our planet as well.  To keep Earth safe, human and Umi team up to fight the rifts where ever they appear. The Umi discover that their planet can be rebuilt by planting magical seeds can be obtained by defeating rifts.


Umi is being developed by a small but brave team of adventurers. The team includes Anders Sandell, Bhanu Birani with part time help from the Alpaca Herder and other friends.